7 Reasons Why Bajaj Auto Credit Two-Wheeler Loan is Ideal for Your Bajaj Bike
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7 Reasons Why Bajaj Auto Credit Two-Wheeler Loan is Ideal for Your Bajaj Bike

Are you eyeing a Bajaj bike but need financial support? Look no further! We’ve compiled seven compelling reasons why Bajaj Auto Credit’s two-wheeler loan perfectly matches you! This loan is tailored to fit your needs, from flexible repayment options to competitive interest rates. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned rider, discover why choosing Bajaj Auto Credit can make owning your dream Bajaj bike a reality.

Up to 95%* of Loan Financing

One of the major benefits of getting a Bajaj Auto Credit bike loan is its high loan-to-value ratio. This advantage allows customers to finance up to 95% of the bike’s on-road value through the loan, greatly reducing the down payment required. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who prefer to minimise their initial expenses, making it easier to afford your dream bike without financial strain.

Competitive Interest Rates

You can take advantage of the competitive interest rates that make financing your bike more accessible and affordable. Bajaj Auto Credit bike loan interest rates charge up to 36% per annum, which is a good deal for those looking to finance their bike within a budget. It also ensures that the overall cost of owning a new bike does not exceed your financial capacity with the addition of interest and additional charges. By offering such accessible loan options, they help ensure that owning a two-wheeler is feasible for a broader audience, facilitating better financial planning and budget management.

Repay at Ease

Several two-wheeler loan providers have shorter repayment tenures that can stress finances and mental health. Bajaj credit providers put their customers first, so the bike loan financing options are designed for ease. The tenure for loan repayment is set between 3 and 60 months, providing the ultimate comfort. Now, the borrower can repay the loan at a pace they can manage! 

Eligibility Criteria

Apart from the income requirement, the criteria for acquiring a bike loan are relatively simpler than those of other lenders. If you’re looking for a bike loan but have a low credit score, Bajaj Fiserv is the best financier in the market. While a low CIBIL score is not a hindrance to your dream bike, you need to be between 18 and 65 years of age to apply for a loan. The main criterion is to be an Indian citizen with valid identification documents.

Here’s a rundown on the individuals who are eligible for a bike loan:

  • Salaried individuals

  • Self-employed individuals

  • Homemakers

  • Pensioners

  • Farmers 

  • Students

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Here’s the documentation needed for a smooth bike loan approval:

  • Bank Statements: Applicants must provide bank statements from the last three months. For salaried individuals, these statements should clearly show salary deposits.

  • Salary Documentation: Salaried professionals must submit their most recent salary slips and income tax returns as policy guidelines require.

  • Proof of Stability: Proof of residence and stable employment or business proof is required to demonstrate financial reliability.

Not only are these loans helping every Indian buy their favourite bike with just a few clicks, but they are also funding dreams! Bajaj Auto Credit’s overall experience leaves no stone unturned for its customers; from quick loan applications, hassle-free approvals, and easy repayments, you must visit their website or your nearest branch!