Best Modded Apps For Non-Rooted Phones
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Best Modded Apps For Non-Rooted Phones

Many of us have already used or heard about the modded apps. Modded apps for Android are altered versions of official Android apps that are designed to offer all premium features to smartphone users. These Modified apps are not available on the Play Store because they violate policies by unlocking all features and making modifications to the app. If you are interested in downloading popular modded apps on your Android phone, read this article to learn more about modded apps.

(1): Walk Band Mod Apk

People love to play and listen to their favorite music, It helps them to reduce stress. Walk Band Mod Apk is a music-making and editing app that allows users to make music by playing different instruments. It comes with many features, including recording and editing music, connecting external hardware, converting files into mp3 and more. It is a modded app that offers all premium features and Ads free Ui for free.


  • Learn and play piano, guitar, drums.

  • Connect external hardware such as midi keyboard.

  • Complete music studio with instruments.

  • No, ads disturbance.

(2): Fiewin Mod Apk

Are you looking to make extra income by playing games, referring apps or submitting surveys? Then Fiewin Mod Apk earns money, which is the best option for you. Without any age limit or investment anyone can earn money through the Fiewim app. There are many earning apps available online, but most of them are fake and harmful. But Fiewin Mod apk has over 1 million+ downloads that shows how popular and trusted it is.


  • Submit the surways and earn money

  • Instant withdraw your money

  • Earn daily rewards

  • Secure with anti-ban

(3): World trip Apk

The latest World Trip apk is an adventure game where you can explore famous places of the world with a pet. The well-known PLAYSIMPLE created the World Trip adventure game. As a player, you can explore locations in over 140 countries and get an awesome experience. By exploring the world, you can some puzzles to play with. Overall it is fun to play.


  • Unlock places by solving puzzles

  • Travel to different locations

  • Unlocks the dogs or costumes

(4): X8 SandBox Apk

X8 Sandbox Apk works as a simulator that creates a virtual environment in which users can easily use rooted apps without rooting the actual device. This app supports many popular games such as BGMI, Clash of Clans, Subways Surfers, Need for Speed and more. After using this app, Users can feel the games are running more smoothly than before.



  • Enjoy to play popular Games

  • Get all premium features

  • Access multiple tasks with PIP mode