Instagram Drafts: How to Save/Find/Delete Drafts on Instagram?
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Instagram Drafts: How to Save/Find/Delete Drafts on Instagram?

After you have created a post on Instagram, you might not want to post it right away you can save the post as a draft. The draft will get saved and in future, you can use it whenever you want you decide to post it. However, the major issue the users face is that they do not know how to find drafts on Instagram. This blog will help you in learning about the steps which can help you in finding the drafts. 

Steps To Save Drafts On Instagram For the Users – 

Below are the steps which you must use to save any draft you want on Instagram. 

  1. You are supposed to open the Instagram app following which you should click on the (+) icon from the bottom of the page after which you should scroll to the post option. 
  2. After this, you can upload a photo or a video and then hit the arrow button you find on the screen. 
  3. In this, you can add the effects, filters, etc whichever you want and once everything is done you can tap on the Save Draft button to save the edits. 

When the draft is saved you can move ahead to the steps for finding drafts on Instagram so let’s get started with it. 

Steps To Find And Delete Drafts On Instagram Platform – 

To access the post which you just saved as a draft on the platform following which you are required to click on the plus icon at the top of the screen just like while you create a post. 

When you click on the post option, you will find the Drafts menu on the screen and once you see it you should click on Drafts so that you can see all the draft posts which are there saved on your account. 

From the saved drafts on Instagram you can select one to share or edit. If you want to delete a draft you can select the Manage option after which you can click on the Drafts option and then click the Edit icon following which you can opt for a draft following which tickmark the draft and select the option of Discard. 

And if you wish to post it, you should select a draft and then make the changes which you want to and once all the edits are done you can simply upload the post on your Instagram account. 

Steps To Find Reel Drafts On Instagram Account – 

If you have saved a reel draft on your account you can find it using the reel icon on your screen after which you should tap on the Drafts button to open the reel draft screen. 

Here you will find all the reels which you saved as drafts from which you can select the draft you want to share by clicking the Share button on the screen. For deleting it you should select the reel and then hit the Discard button. 

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