One Must Choose F14 Gil For Sure!
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One Must Choose F14 Gil For Sure!

Gil is the currency in FFXIV and players can obtain it through various methods. Enemies drop a small amount of Gil upon defeat, and this increases with increasing monster levels. Players may also earn some through quests and missions. Producing large amounts of gil can be time-consuming and the best methods vary depending on when in a patch cycle it falls.

What is Gil?

Gil is the primary currency in Final Fantasy XIV and can be used to purchase items, food, or services. Players can earn it through quests, dungeons, missions or by selling unwanted equipment and materials back to merchants.

Collecting Gil in the game is generally simple and straightforward. Many quests and dungeons offer generous gil rewards when completed at higher levels; monsters also drop increasing amounts when defeated, giving you another source of Gil.

Materia is another source of Gil in the game, enabling players to customize their gear at will; however, its cost makes this option prohibitive for most.

Player housing can be an enormous drain on resources, depending on when in the patch cycle you purchase your plot. A new housing plot may cost anywhere between 2 million gil (for small houses) to 42.5 million (for large plots in Firmament).

How to Make Gil

Players in Final Fantasy XIV can earn Gil by completing quests, guildleves and duties found in the Duty Finder. Enemies also occasionally drop small amounts of Gil in combat while treasure maps often hold it. Finally, unneeded items and components may also be sold on the Market Board in exchange for Gil.

Crafting can be an extremely lucrative way of earning FFXIV gil in-game, though it requires substantial time investment. Materia can also be sold for Gil after each patch updates; however, prices often spike abruptly right afterwards.

One effective way of earning Gil is through Beast Tribe Quests and Guildleves, both of which offer generous rewards of Gil and Tomestones that can be completed multiple times. Finally, Retainer Ventures may provide some gil, though not as efficiently. Retainer Ventures may also provide some income; Retainer Ventures don’t typically yield as many Tomestones; Retainer Ventures provide decent sources of Gil; however Retainer Ventures might not. Hardcore Free Trials players can try out various achievements such as purchasing/desynthesizing high-quality gear 10,000 times; although this activity requires time investment it could prove highly lucrative – particularly rewarding to those dedicated players!

How to Sell Gil

Earning Gil is an integral part of gaming for many. cheap ffxiv gil can be used to purchase housing, gear, food and potions as well as cosmetic items like glamour or minions; additionally it may even be used to pay for teleportation services.

Gil can be obtained through questing, guildleves, dungeons, Duty Finder entries, Challenge Log entries, selling items to NPCs or selling on the Market Board. Thieves may mug beastmen and NMs for small amounts of Gil while Oretoise enemies in Archylte Steppe drop Gold Dust that sells for 15,000 GIL each time it falls from them!

Crafting is the best way to earn Gil in this game, making 5-25 million per week depending on quality of work and market board prices. Gathering can also be very profitable at early patches.

How to Buy Gil

Buying FFXIV Gil is one of the most sought-after strategies for players looking to spend their in-game currency. This is often because it saves players time from needing to go through time-consuming methods of gathering FFXIV gil such as grinding, farming and duty grinding.

Quests often provide large sums of gil, while dungeons offer even greater returns. Players can also sell items, raw materials and furniture directly to Retainers on the Market Board to make quick gil sales.

House purchases are the primary driver for buying FFXIV gil , especially with housing prices being so sky-high in areas like Laurel Gobbue, Bomb Palanquin and Cavalry Elbst. Many players feel pressured into purchasing from RMT sellers on Reddit or Discord servers to afford housing costs in these regions. Other uses for Gil include purchasing emotes, hairstyles, barding or mounts as well as purchasing items and services from NPCs in game.