Top 10 Underrated Local Artists of Pakistan in 2024
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Top 10 Underrated Local Artists of Pakistan in 2024

Today, the world is engulfed by a heavy viewership. As a famous artist, you need to have at least more than a million fans on your songs. Thus, a lot of local artists reached the limelight due to their debut song making big waves. Take the case of Nazia Iqbal, she is the most celebrated artist of Pashto music. Yet, currently her new songs are getting over thousands of views. On the contrary, she may emerge far more popular in the future with her consistency.

Additionally, there are other reasons that push singers to the back. The changing tastes of the masses in general and being sidelined by others’ works. The music industry is expanding rapidly, this means a lot of new singers are coming forth. Therefore, talented singers like Ajmal Sajid need to bring out more songs. In order to be a part of hall of fame, releasing good music is a must.

Besides, there is no shortage of remarkable singers out there. Pakistani industry has been flourishing due to the efforts of all these incredible local artists. Yet, here we list some of the most underrated singers in 2024.

Some of 2024’s Undervalued Local Artists

1)   Fida Marwat

The artist is a Pashto singer. Fida Marwat perfectly displays the essence of good Pashto music through his soothing voice. Moreover, he has got a few popular songs under his belt too. His best hits include, Marh Kam Intezar, and 14 August k Ba Darzm Zan Khamkha. Furthermore, he has led a series of successful collaborated works while working with Shah Farooq. Nonetheless, he has produced a lot of songs over the years. Jar Zargo Jar, Ta Beya Warka, and Ta Me Lifeline Ye to name a few. So, he is sure to receive the glory that he deserves.


2)   Faiza Ali

She ranks as the top voice of Balochi music among the local artists. Her recent work is gaining a lot of attention. Faiza Ali and Mumtai Molai collaborated on Awhan Jo Hathro. The composition has crossed 6.8M+ views on YouTube alone. On the other hand, she has produced other marvelous tracks as well. The most popular among her old songs were Jedo Be Kelro, and Rab Jaane Rab Jaane. She is sure to steal the spotlight very soon.

3)   Asma Rajpoot

Asma Rajpoot is another renowned name in the Punjabi music. She has produced various remarkable works. These include Selfie Bnao Saddy Naal, Challa, and Aa Gaya Hai PSL. Besides these, she has released patriotic tracks too. Her songs, Kashmir Ki Wadi, and Pakistan Zindabad have stirred quite a lot of hearts. However, her finest one is Zama Ashna Razi. The singer and Faisal Salman got 1.1.M+ views over this Pashto-Urdu composition. Nonetheless, she also brought out a religious work, Wo Hai Allah.

4)   Sitara Younas

She is another one of the talented Pashto vocalists. Sitara Younus has been weaving serene melodies since 2012. Thus, she has brought forth a long list of tracks over the years. In addition, she was the artist for this year’s Peshawar Zalmi song. Besides this, her Tappy Tawaan has stolen 3.1M+ hearts. Moreover, her best hits consist of Bewafa Yar, and Had De Kari. She is headed in right direction with thousands of fans. Furthermore, she has even successfully collaborated with Rahim Shah and Raees Bacha.

5)   Samina Kanwal

Samina Kanwal carries a voice that falls softly on one’s ears. Majority of her tracks are in Sindhi while others are in Balochi. Furthermore, her compositions have admitted thousands of fans into her fandom. Nonetheless, her works expand as wide as the sea. Her song list is made up of Baa Tre Des Kara, Jabal Wara Jani, and Haye Haye Kutra. Thus, she is completely capable of great songs in upcoming years.

6)   Fazal Ali

The vocalist has released compositions in both Saraiki and Punjabi. Furthermore, he is still on his path to attain true glory. Since, many of his songs have reached over thousands of views already. Some of his widely popular songs include, Wal Aa Dhola, Barish Dukhan De Lasi, and Sada Yar Changa Hove Ha. Additionally, apart from his numerous solo works, he has collaborated on few songs too. Thus, Fazal Ali and Farah Lal produced a whole album, “Deewana Dil Manenda Nai”.

7)   Arif Baloch

The prominent voice is Arif Baloch in Balochi Music. He is one of the local artists famously known far and wide across the nation. In addition, he produced various extraordinary albums and songs. Marchi Thai Deedaar, Biya Mani Bali Kapoot, and Jee Mani Dost rank among his top tracks. Furthermore, he is quite popular as there are over 1K+ monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Hence, he will soon make huge waves.

8)   Mujahid Mansoor Malangi

This singer is well-received in Saraiki music industry. Additionally, some of his songs have got millions of views as well. However, Hik Dien Hosi Mera Dawa Hai is one of the tracks that was once a top trending track on YouTube. It has already secured 30M+ fans. Although, most of his songs still need to climb up the ladder, those are still the best Saraiki songs out there. His soulful albums include, “Ishq Da Raog”, “Lal Meri”, and “Dar Dar Sada”.

9)   Sibte Hassan

Sibte Hassan is a talented vocalist among the local artists. He usually posts his song covers for his fans. Moreover, he produces masterpiece drama OSTs too. This is how he has captured thousands of hearts. His famous tracks are Tu Ibtida and Beqadar from dramas “Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri” and “Beqadar” respectively. Apart from this, his other tracks include Aaja Ve, Azaadi, Pheli Nazar, and Your Desire. Hence, he will soon be known by his remarkable compositions.

10)Fariha Pervez

She is an astounding Urdu singer. This singer rose to glory through her wonderful art of renditions. Fariha Pervez is widely popular for making remakes of old-time Ghazal hits. Although, she kickstarted her career as an actor on PTV. However, today her soulful vocals have won her 58K+ monthly listeners on Spotify alone. In addition, her popular hits include Nahin Maloom, Jhoolay Laal, and Na Tutteya Ve. Nonetheless, she is working hard for soaring higher. Thus, her new song, Le Ja has got thousands into her fan base.


In short, the increasing song releases have increased the competition. So, now the bar is set to a million views at least to be considered as the top vocalists. However, this blog will shed light on the ten most underrated local artists of 2024. Therefore, Fida Marwat, Faiza Ali and Sitara Younas were quite popular due to their successful collaborations. Next, there is Asma Rajpoot who was well-received for her Pashto-Urdu song. Then, Samina Kanwal carries a long list of songs accredited to her name.

What’s more, there are other talented singers full of glorious past. For instance, Fazal Ali and Mujahid Mansoor Malangi are prominent names in the Saraiki Music. Apart from them, there is Arif Baloch who elevated the name of the Balochi music. In addition, Sibte Hassan is a mastermind singer behind some of the most famous drama OSTs. Lastly, Fariha Pervez concludes this list who is best known for her ghazal renditions. The majority of the singers are abiding their time to properly showcase their true skills. And surely, so are all of them.