United Airlines Name Correction Policy: What You Need To Know
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United Airlines Name Correction Policy: What You Need To Know

United Airlines is aware that unexpected circumstances sometimes require altering a passenger’s name on a ticket. As per the guidelines, passengers can modify their airline ticket to reflect a name change due to a marriage or other legal matters. You must provide valid paperwork, such as a passport or a government-issued picture ID, in order to support the change. The United Airlines name spelled wrong on ticket allows passengers to seek name corrections both offline and online. 

What Is the Process for Changing the Name of an Airline?

For legal reasons, United Airlines permits you to make small corrections or name changes. In order to change a name, make sure you fulfill these requirements.

  • The flights should be run by United Airlines, and travelers may request name changes for United parts.

  • Once the check-in process is over, passengers are unable to request a name change.

  • 016 is where the ticket inventory should begin.

  • Name changes are only permitted for one ticket to be issued for United Airlines flights. 

  • For a whole day, you may change a misspelled name at United for free.

  • Passengers who wish to change their name as a consequence of a divorce, marriage, or court order must present appropriate documentation to support the name change. 

Which Documents Are Needed to Change Your United Name?

The following documentation is often needed to back up a United Airlines name correction request:

  • A valid official identity document, such a passport or driver’s license.

  • You will require a Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree if the name change resulted from a marriage or divorce.

  • A court order may be required in order to validate any request for a legal name change.

  • If the name change request is submitted on behalf of a young person, other proof may be needed, such as a guardianship or birth certificate. Minors flying alone on United Airlines may also ask to have their names changed. 

What Is United Airlines Cost To Change Name On Ticket?

Minor name changes made within 24 hours of a flight reservation are free of charge with United Airlines. To back the modification, you must present legitimate documentation. Reissuing a ticket, however, may result in a fine from the airline of between $75 to $200. However, if you’re officially changing your name due to a marriage, divorce, or other condition, your ticket may need to be reprinted, and you’ll be charged the necessary fee difference between the old and new tickets.



Customers have the ability to effectively manage their bookings thanks to United airlines name spelled wrong on ticket policy. United Airlines strives to fulfill client requests while maintaining the reliability of its reservation system. Correcting errors, updating names due to life events like marriage, and ensuring middle names are included correctly are all covered in this. For further information, call 1-800-UNITED-1, the official United customer service number. Call +1-800-865-1848 to obtain precise details via a consolidation desk.