Which is better: Selling Gold Online or Taking a Gold Loan?
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Which is better: Selling Gold Online or Taking a Gold Loan?

Indians have traditionally been gold buyers. Indian families, especially the ladies in Indian houses, stock up to more than 11% of the world’s gold, which is huge. It is considered auspicious in our country to buy gold for all religious occasions, festivals, and weddings. Gold ornaments and possessions are transferred from one generation to another over time. As the gold jewellery rate keeps increasing constantly, the gold selling price today also keeps shooting up, adding more value to your gold possessions.

Earlier, Indians were conservative about their gold possessions and did not like to sell them off. However, modern people have started unlocking the hidden value of their gold jewellery when they need financial help. The two most common ways of arranging cash using gold are by taking a gold loan or selling cash for the gold selling price today and calculate your gold price with gold calculator. Many people need clarification on whether they should pledge their gold for a loan or sell it to arrange funds. Here is how you can make the most of the gold jewellery rate.


Which is better: Selling Gold Online or taking a Gold Loan?

  • The complete value of the gold ornaments: As per the guidelines set by the Reserve Bank of India, financial institutions cannot give more than 75% of the pledged gold’s value as a gold loan. Lenders generally offer about 60-65% of the borrower’s gold possessions as a loan. It fails to fetch the actual value of your gold and may not be enough to meet your financial requirements. On the other hand, customers can unlock the complete value of their gold jewellery by selling it online to a reputed gold buyer. Gold buyers like Muthoot Gold Point offer customers a fair and transparent gold buying experience, helping them derive the maximum benefit from their gold items.

  • The stress involved in the process: To get a gold loan, borrowers must pledge their gold possessions as collateral with the lender. Moreover, they must get the full value of the gold as a loan. If they fail to repay the gold loan timely, the lender has the right to auction his gold items to recover his money. There is always a constant stress of keeping up with the monthly repayment schedule of the gold loan to keep the gold possessions safe. There is no such fear in the case of selling gold online. An individual can sell off his gold for the gold selling price today and use the funds without worrying about monthly repayments.

  • Interest payments on a gold loan: Every loan comes at a cost, and so does a gold loan. Borrowers pay hefty interest charges and processing fees for a gold loan. No additional charges are levied if you sell your gold online to a trusted gold buyer. Gold buyers like Muthoot Gold Point clean and weigh the customer’s gold through advanced techniques for free, to provide the maximum benefit to the customer.  



To get a gold loan, a person may have to wait for days and submit several documents to the lender. On the other hand, he can get instant access to cash by selling his gold for a fair price to a branded gold buyer.