Who uses serviced apartments?
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Who uses serviced apartments?

You’re in the bustling capital, Delhi, for a work trip or a long-awaited vacation. Hotels feel impersonal, and finding a decent apartment on short notice seems like a mission impossible. Enter the world of serviced apartments – your haven in the heart of the city! But who exactly are these serviced apartments designed for? Let’s dive in and explore the different folks who find them the perfect fit.

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Delhi?

Think of service apartments delhi as a middle ground between hotels and apartments. You get the comfort and space of an apartment, coupled with hotel-like services like housekeeping and laundry. Perfect for those who want a home away from home, especially for extended stays. Here’s why serviced apartments might be your jam:

Freedom and Flexibility: You’re not confined to a tiny hotel room. Serviced apartments offer spacious living areas, a fully equipped kitchen, and sometimes even a balcony – ideal for unwinding after a long day exploring Delhi.

Cost-Effective for Long Stays: Compared to hotels, serviced apartments become a more economical option for longer stays, especially if you plan to cook some meals or have colleagues or family joining you.

Privacy and Independence: Unlike a hotel, you have your own space. No need to worry about noisy neighbours or restricted timings. Serviced apartments offer the privacy and freedom you crave.

Homely Comforts: Miss whipping up your favourite breakfast or enjoying a cup of tea on the balcony in your PJs? Serviced apartments come equipped with kitchens, making them feel like a home away from home.

Types of Serviced Apartments in Delhi

Delhi offers a variety of serviced apartments to cater to different needs and budgets. Here are the main types:

Luxury Serviced Apartments: Think high-end amenities, swanky furnishings, and concierge services. These apartments are perfect for business executives or discerning travellers seeking an opulent stay.

Corporate Serviced Apartments: Designed for business travellers on extended stays, these apartments offer work-friendly amenities like dedicated workspaces and high-speed internet.

Mid-Range Serviced Apartments: Offering a good balance between comfort and affordability, these apartments are ideal for long-term stays for families or solo travellers.

Budget Serviced Apartments: Perfect for those on a tight budget, these apartments provide basic amenities but still offer the convenience and space of a serviced apartment compared to a budget hotel.

Benefits of Choosing Serviced Apartments in Delhi

Beyond the initial perks mentioned, serviced apartments offer a range of benefits that make them a compelling choice:

Convenience: Housekeeping, laundry services, and sometimes even on-site restaurants free you from mundane chores, allowing you to focus on exploring Delhi or getting down to business.

Safety and Security: Most serviced apartments come with 24/7 security and controlled access for peace of mind.

Location, Location, Location: Serviced apartments are often located in prime areas, putting you close to tourist attractions, business districts, or shopping havens.

Personalized Services: Some serviced apartments offer additional services like airport transfers, car rentals, or even grocery delivery, making your stay hassle-free.

Steps to Book a Serviced Apartment in Delhi

Booking a serviced apartment in Delhi is a breeze! Here’s a quick guide:

Define Your Needs: Figure out your budget, desired location, and the type of amenities you need.

Research Online: Explore websites like MakeMyTrip: https://www.makemytrip.com/, Booking.com, or dedicated serviced apartment websites.

Shortlist Options: Based on your research, shortlist a few apartments that fit your criteria.

Contact the Property: Reach out directly to the serviced apartment or use the online booking option if available.

Confirm Details: Ask about specific amenities, housekeeping schedules, and any additional charges before booking.


So, who exactly rocks serviced apartments in Delhi?

Business travelers on extended stays seeking a homey workspace.

Tourists wanting more space and flexibility than a hotel room.

Families looking for a comfortable and cost-effective base for exploring Delhi.

Anyone who desires the privacy, freedom, and convenience of an apartment with the added benefit of hotel-like services.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay in Delhi, be it for a short trip or a longer stay, serviced apartments could be your perfect match!