Why Hosting On A Dedicated Server Is More Profitable Than Cheap Hosting?
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Why Hosting On A Dedicated Server Is More Profitable Than Cheap Hosting?

There are various services available in the market regarding web hosting, so sometimes it can confuse many people wether they are a beginner or experienced person in technology. Sometimes people decide on the web hosting primarily based on the prices of the services. The new website owners consider cheap hosting their best option initially, but it may only be the case sometimes. It is ideal to select hosting services according to the needs of the website and business rather than the prices. Dedicated server hosting and Cheap Hosting are intelligent choices, but they both are generally like the two ends of a spectrum.


Small business owners who are new to the game prefer cheap hosting. But they must understand that dedicated hosting is the go-to option in the long run. Dedicated hosting is the perfect choice for people who work with websites that experience significant traffic daily, websites for e-commerce and websites which are suited to be resource intensive.


An introduction to Dedicated Hosting


Dedicated hosting is ideal for a website as it provides the client an entire server. This can be generally explained as now the client is allocated all of the resources of a server for their website only. When a website begins to grow and experiences high traffic volume constantly, cheap hosting may need help to handle it. The requirements of any website constantly change with the growth of the website, and dedicated hosting is the perfect choice for such situations. Having all the resources allocated for a single website can sometimes get pricey, and some people may need help to afford it. But regarding the quality of work, the price of dedicated hosting is worth it.


An introduction to Shared Hosting


Shared hosting, also known as cheap hosting due to its low prices, is considered the basic solution when it comes to hosting. In this, several hosting website owners are sharing a single physical server. This leads to a situation where all the primary resources required by a server, such as bandwidth, disk space, CPU and RAM, are in use by different other websites. This is the fundamental reason behind the low prices of cheap hosting, as the sharing drastically lowers the cost per user and becomes an ideal choice for businesses with a tight budget.

The reason why Dedicated Hosting is better than Cheap Hosting


The first and foremost reason is that in dedicated hosting, the website owner will not have to share any of their resource with any other website. With the help of hosting providers, cheap hosting hosts several clients with multiple server resources. In some scenarios, the amount of bandwidth and disk space is limited, and often situations come up where the client may require more space than allocated to them. When they have cheap hosting services, they may be charged an extra amount to use bandwidth and disk space. So it is better to go for dedicated hosting to avoid situations like these, as you have all the resources, such as disk space, CPU, bandwidth and RAM, reserved entirely for your website only.


A dedicated server can be trusted entirely when it comes to providing reliability for the businesses as there is no sharing of the resources with any other organization. This helps in managing the traffic surge more efficiently. Server reliability is essential nowadays as it depicts the time duration for which the server was available for the website despite being down. This aspect of a website can easily make or break the business, so it should be taken very seriously. So for cheap hosting, you have to share your resources with the website server, thus risking the server’s reliability and your business. In addition or reserved resources, Many of the dedicated hosting services facilitate their user management and streamline the consumption of the resources so that it may become an issue in the future and every process runs smoothly.


Last but not least, websites that use the same server and share the same IP address are risking their security and making themselves more vulnerable to cyber crimes. It can create a hectic situation as when websites are sharing resources, and the security of one of the websites is endangered, it can create a risky situation for all websites. In dedicated hosting, the chances of these scenarios are meagre as access to all of the resources is given to only selected members. Thus, to avoid this situation, it is better to go for dedicated hosting than cheap hosting to ensure an organization’s safety and security.