Find the Perfect Firewood to Keep You Warm This Winter: Your Guide to Purchasing Firewood in Perth, WA
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Find the Perfect Firewood to Keep You Warm This Winter: Your Guide to Purchasing Firewood in Perth, WA

There is no experience like enjoying those tranquil winter evenings right by an open hearth with firewood crackling and popping- glass barriers between flames dancing at a distance. Several people in the area of Perth always have something to look to for comfort when the weather changes due to the lowering temperatures. However, with the wide variety of firewood types available from different suppliers all over the city, deciding what to purchase can be daunting. 

Types of Firewood Available in Perth

Perth offers a range of hardwood firewood varieties to suit different needs and tastes. While all seasoned wood makes for quality burning, each type has distinct characteristics. Ensuring you understand their advantages and disadvantages can aid in picking the alternative that fits your fireplace or even wood stove perfectly. These varieties are some of the most common in terms of Firewood for Sale in Perth.

  • Jarrah: Arguably Perth’s most popular firewood, thanks to its density and longevity. Jarrah burns slowly and hot, making it a fuel-efficient choice. However, it can be harder to light, given its density. Many suppliers sell seasoned jarrah in lengths.

  • Marri: Marri brings visual appeal to the fireplace with its pinkish hue. It also has a pleasantly aromatic smoke. While it doesn’t burn as long as jarrah, marri is easier to ignite and generally more affordable.

  • Sheoak: This timber burns quickly with a hot flame but doesn’t last as long. Sheoak is a good option for smaller home heaters or those wanting fast-burning firewood for high heat output. The downside is it doesn’t provide warmth for extended periods.

  • Redgum: Imported from interstate, redgum is widely used due to its ready availability. It ignites easily and burns steadily at medium-high heat for hours. However, redgum carries a higher price tag than local varieties.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Firewood

With an understanding of your options, evaluating several key factors will help you select the perfect Firewood for Sale in Perth:

  • Seasoning: Allowing wood to season or dry for 6-12 months is essential. Adequately dried wood burns hotter and more efficiently with less smoke. Avoid unseasoned or green wood that won’t burn well and may produce creosote build-up in heaters and chimneys.

  • Size: Firewood comes in different thicknesses and lengths. Thinner kindling is best for starting fires. Consider maneuvering varying-sized logs in your firebox or fireplace before buying for convenience. Most suppliers sell standard lengths.

  • Price: Cost will vary based on wood type, grade, and quantities purchased. Evaluate options within your budget that suit heating needs. Deals may be available on bulk bundles or trailer/truckload amounts.

  • Sustainability: Consider firewood sourced from accredited suppliers practicing sustainable forest management. This ensures continued usage without endangering local ecosystems and trees’ renewable growth.

  • Delivery: Convenience of delivery can impact your choice. Many reputable sellers provide free delivery in Perth when ordering in sufficient volumes. Check covered areas and additional fees.

Proper Firewood Storage

Once your firewood arrives, storing it correctly until needed is needed. Keep wood elevated and covered under a waterproof tarp or in a sheltered area well-ventilated to airflow. This prevents moisture absorption that can diminish burning qualities. Also, position stacks where they won’t be in direct sun or rain to help with drying. Proper storage of fresh purchases ensures your firewood supply remains in peak condition until ignited for warmth!

Finding the Best Firewood Suppliers in Perth


With the proper guidance, purchasing quality firewood for cozy winter warmth in Perth is simple and enjoyable. Consider the wood varieties available, factors impacting your choice, and the best local suppliers highly rated for their service, selection, and sustainable practices. For all Perth regions, JJ’s Firewood Supplies stands out as a trusted leader offering expert advice, prompt delivery of seasonal jarrah, marri, or gum loads, and friendly customer care For many years. Contact them this season to heat your Perth home or business with premium firewood and create memorable moments around the fire.