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Missing those loved ones in Pakistan and want to show them you care? Well, fret no more! Thanks to the magic of the internet, sending gifts across the border from India is now a breeze. Let’s ditch the stress of international shipping and dive into the world of online gifting services that’ll make their day.

Finding the Perfect Platform

First things first, you need a reliable online platform that delivers gifts to Pakistan. Here’s where a quick Google search with Send Gifts To Pakistan will open a treasure trove of options. Popular choices include vgiftshop, Pkgiftshop, FNP, Tohfay, GiftBasketsOverseas, and India Florist Network. Each has its own strengths, so take a peek at their gift selections, delivery areas, and pricing to find your perfect match.

What to Send? Let Your Heart (and Budget) Decide!

Now comes the fun part: choosing the gift! These platforms offer a wide variety, so you can personalize it based on the occasion and recipient’s taste. Here are some popular ideas:

Classic Delights: Flowers are timeless, and most websites offer stunning arrangements. Cakes are another crowd-pleaser, perfect for birthdays or celebrations.

Foodie Feasts: Does your loved one have a sweet tooth? Send a box of chocolates or gourmet cookies. For the health-conscious, a basket of fresh fruits and dry fruits is a thoughtful option.

Pampering Packages: Spoil them with a spa basket filled with bath bombs, lotions, and scented candles. Guys appreciate grooming kits or gift certificates to their favorite clothing store.

Personalized Touches: Many platforms let you add a personal touch, like a handwritten note or a small teddy bear. This extra effort shows you put real thought into the gift. 

Ordering Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you’ve chosen your platform and gift, the ordering process is usually straightforward. Here’s a general guide:

Browse and Choose: Navigate the website and explore their gift categories. Filter by occasion, recipient (e.g., him, her, kids), or price range to narrow down choices.

Product Details: Click on your chosen gift to see detailed information like ingredients for food items or flower types in arrangements. Read customer reviews to get an idea of quality.

Delivery Details: Enter your recipient’s address in Pakistan, including their phone number for easier delivery coordination. Select your preferred delivery date (if available).

Personalization: Look for options to add a message or personalize the gift. Some platforms allow including balloons or a small add-on gift for an extra fee.

Checkout Time: Review your order details, including the final price with any delivery charges. Choose your preferred payment method (credit card, debit card, or online wallets) and proceed to secure checkout.

Payment Options: Going Secure Across Borders

Most platforms offer a variety of secure payment options, including:

Credit/Debit Cards: This is the most common and convenient method. Just ensure your card allows international transactions. 

Online Wallets: Platforms like PayPal or regional wallets are secure and offer buyer protection in case of any issues.

Offline Payments: Some websites might allow payment via money transfer services like MoneyGram or Western Union. However, this might involve additional fees and processing time.

Delivery Time and Costs: A Balancing Act

Delivery timelines can vary depending on the platform, the distance to the recipient’s location, and your chosen service (standard or express).  Standard delivery might take 2-3 business days, while express options can get it there within a day (but at a higher cost).

Delivery fees are usually added during checkout and depend on the size and weight of your gift. Some platforms offer free delivery above a certain order value, so keep an eye out for those deals!

Tracking Your Gift’s Journey: Peace of Mind

Most online gifting services offer order tracking. Once your gift is shipped, you’ll receive a notification with a tracking number. This allows you to monitor its progress and ensure it reaches your loved one safely.

Pro-Tips for a Smooth Gifting Experience

Order in Advance: Especially for special occasions like birthdays or holidays, give yourself ample time for processing and delivery.

Double-Check Details: Ensure the recipient’s address and phone number are accurate to avoid delays.

Read the Fine Print: Before placing your order, understand the platform’s terms and conditions, especially regarding cancellation policies and any customs charges that might apply.

Communicate with Recipient: Let your loved one in Pakistan know a surprise gift is on its way! This builds anticipation and excitement.

By following these tips and using the convenience of online gifting platforms, sending a token of love and appreciation to your loved ones in Pakistan becomes easier than ever. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and a well-chosen gift, delivered with care, can bridge the distance and strengthen your bond, no matter where life takes you.

Beyond the Gift: Exploring Additional Options

While online gifting platforms offer a fantastic selection, there are other avenues to explore if you have something specific in mind:

Gift Certificates: If you’re unsure of their preferences, consider sending a gift certificate to their favorite store or restaurant in Pakistan. This allows them to choose something they truly love.

Experience Gifts: For the adventurous souls, explore gifting experiences like a hot air balloon ride or a weekend getaway within Pakistan. Platforms like BookMyShow offer exciting options.

DIY Gifts: If you’re crafty, consider sending a personalized gift you made yourself. This adds a sentimental touch and shows the extra effort you put in.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a gift that reflects your love and care. With a little planning and the help of online services, you can send a heartwarming surprise that will make their day, even miles apart.

It’s important to be aware of any customs regulations or restrictions that might apply to your chosen gift. You can usually find this information on the platform’s website or by contacting their customer service.

If you’re concerned about customs clearance, consider opting for gift baskets containing locally available items in Pakistan. This can help avoid any delays or additional charges.

Sending gifts online is a convenient and thoughtful way to connect with loved ones in Pakistan. So go ahead, explore your options, and let your gift be a symbol of your love and appreciation, no matter the distance!


What are the most popular online platforms for sending gifts to Pakistan from India?

Several online platforms facilitate sending gifts to Pakistan from India, including FNP, Tohfay, GiftBasketsOverseas, and India Florist Network. Each platform offers unique features and gift selections, so browsing their options is recommended.

What types of gifts can I send to Pakistan?

The options are diverse! Popular choices include:

Classic Delights: Flowers, cakes, and chocolates are timeless favorites.

Foodie Feasts: Gift baskets filled with sweet or healthy treats like cookies, fruits, and dry fruits.

Pampering Packages: Spa baskets with bath products or grooming kits for men.

Personalized Touches: Add a handwritten note, small teddy bear, or balloons for an extra special touch.

How do I order a gift online?

The process is generally similar across platforms:

Browse and choose your gift.

Enter the recipient’s address and delivery details in Pakistan.

Personalize your gift with a message if available.

Checkout securely using your preferred payment method (credit card, debit card, online wallets).

What are the different payment options available?

Most platforms offer:

Credit/Debit Cards: The most common and convenient option.

Online Wallets: Secure and offer buyer protection (e.g., PayPal).

Offline Payments: Some platforms might accept money transfer services like MoneyGram or Western Union, but these might involve additional fees and processing time.

How long does it take for a gift to be delivered?

Delivery timeframes depend on the platform, distance, and chosen service (standard or express). Standard delivery can take 2-3 business days, while express options might reach them within a day (at a higher cost).

Can I track my gift’s delivery?

Most platforms offer order tracking with a unique number, allowing you to monitor its progress and ensure delivery.

What are some additional things to keep in mind?

Order in advance for special occasions.

Double-check recipient details to avoid delays.

Understand platform terms and customs charges.

Inform the recipient about the surprise gift!

What are some alternatives to online gifting platforms?

Gift Certificates: For unsure choices, consider a gift certificate to their favorite store or restaurant in Pakistan.

Experience Gifts: Gift adventures like hot air balloon rides or weekend getaways within Pakistan (explore platforms like BookMyShow).

DIY Gifts: For the crafty ones, consider creating a personalized gift for a unique touch.